• My First Week at North Peace Secondary School

    The first time I entered the school, I was impressed at what I saw. The school was big and extremely neat and it felt like home away from home. The teachers were very nice and I have not met such willing and helpful set of people and I felt free with them.I met some really […]

  • Student blog posts

    Student blog posts will be coming soon. Keep your eye out for stories from students about their experiences in Peace River North.

  • Northern Lights bright over Peace Region

    By: Kyle Thomas Nothern Lights dancing across the Peace Region sky. Photo: Kyle Thomas/Energeticcity.ca A lot of chatter amongst residents of the Peace Region was happening on the Social Networks Friday evening as the Aurora Borealis made a spectacular appearance. Aurora Borealis, or better known as the Northern Lights, do not show up as much in […]