Grailquest Cross Country Race


On September 29th, 2012, Julie and I participated in the Grailquest Cross Country Race at Fish Creek. We even had a team from the North Peace Secondary School, we got “NPSS” shirts and we made a team picture!                                                  We met at 9:00 am at the Northern Lights College and we did our Warm-Up. At 10:00 am, the racings started. It was 3 km to run for the girls and 5 km to run for the boys, both on the trails of the Community Forest.                                                              The route was a big challenge, it went up and down the hills all the time. We even had to run stairs up! (I’m really not used to that, because where I normally run in Germany, everything is flat!), and we lost our way once.                                               I already did a lot of races in Germany, and the way this one was organized was a little bit different: To participate, you only had to give your name and your group, and my age group wasn’t ordered by my age but by my grade in school.   In Germany you get a number that you have to pin to your shirt, and they write it down at the finish to know when you came in. Here you get a little card when you finish, and you have to hand it in to get your position. Even though I had aching muscles the next day and Julie twisted her ankle, at the end, it was great fun. Julie won first and I won second for our age group (High School Grade 10 to 12). And we even got a gold (silver) medal!  Because there are a few more races at Dawson Creek and at Prince George, we think about doing it again!