December Student Blog

This month has been really amazing. We went ice skating with the hockey team on one Friday in November and it was really fun. At first most of us had that scared feeling because it was most people’s first time, but later we all got relaxed because the atmosphere was friendly. It was funny because People that could not skate kept falling face down. Speaking of Hockey team, if you want to learn how to skate you should go with them, you would definitely learn faster.

We got tickets to the musical, which was really interesting. The Students were so good and the play felt so real. They took the audience along . Regardless of the fact that it was the first musical I have watched from North Peace, it was captivating and innovative.

We got tickets to watch the Huskies play and we were looking forward to watching them but unfortunately it was canceled. Hopefully, we would get to watch them play some other


 time. I am really delighted that most of us are adapting to the system and making more friends.
We are all excited about the Christmas break and most of us are going to Edmonton, we hope to come back renewed and fresh to end the Semester.