How are things going in Peace River?

Well, I’m doing really good. I consider myself really lucky to have my host family, since they treat me as one more of the family and are really nice and open; I feel like I can talk to them if there is something wrong or to ask for help.
I find North Peace Secondary really good and I love my classes (especially foods). I have many friends and the teachers are really good.
What I have done so far in Canada?  I don’t know where to begin. We went to a friend of Jen and Scotts’ and ate marshmallows around a fire, I really liked them! We also went to Grand Prairie to shop for things for winter and visited the Halloween store. It was really amazing since I have never celebrated Halloween!
Thanksgiving was really fun, since we celebrated it twice (one at a friend’s house and the second at our house). Heather, Jacob and I did a cheese cake with the recipe of my grandmother. We also visited a farm and I have started doing Brazilian jiu jitsu.
I really liked was the trip we made with the other international students to Camp Cameron, it was really fun.
I will volunteer at the library starting next week and right now it’s snowing very much, I am looking forward to freezing this winter 🙂 ).
Ariadna Strempel