My First Weeks At North Peace


It’s very easy to summarize our first days at school: EVERYTHING is different! The first time we entered school, we just thought: Wow, it’s so big! We were shown around school, and we chose our classes for the whole year. As an exchange student, you’re allowed to pick any class you like. And there are many, many more exciting options than in Germany and Norway, like Hairdressing and Child Care, Mechanics and Constructing, Textiles and Cooking.

On the first school day, after we had found our homeroom, we got our locker, which is really hard to open (Julie still needs about 2 to 3 tries!). At NPSS, the teachers have rooms and the students need to change in 5 minutes between classes. We’re used to stay in the class room, the teachers come to us! Most of the teachers are really easy-going, you may have your phone and your iPod and often you’re allowed to eat and drink as well.

But everybody is so friendly, and after some days, we got used to the new surroundings. We met lots of friends that we eat lunch or go home with. The teachers understand that we sometimes have difficulties with the language, but it’s going better every day!

Julie and I are some kind of sisters now, we live at the same, great host family. We do lots of fun activities, like visiting Hudson’s Hope and W. A. C. Bennet Dam and the museum at Fort St. John. We made cookies and Brownies, wrote many post cards, did scrapbooking, went shooting… And we’re only here for 3 ½ weeks! That sounds like a long time and we did so many things, but when you look back it passed so fast!


Neele and Julie