October Student Blog


I can’t believe I have spent one month in Fort St John already. It seems so short because my stay so far has been remarkable, fantastic and full of surprises. So much activities have been set out for us ( International students) like myself that really makes us feel at home. We went bowling and it was so much fun, we really enjoyed it. It was a time of relaxation , we had a friendly competition and we all got along.

On the 7th of October, we went hiking at the Charlie Lake Provincial Park.  It was an experience I will never forget, we had dinner, bonfire, we took pictures and we played a lot of fun games.
I was taken aback when we were offered free lunch on a random Thursday afternoon. It was a really nice thing they did for us all and we really appreciated it.
North Peace Secondary School has really has offered a wide variety of organized forums with different individuals to advise and mold the students future. Representatives of some Universities and Colleges came to enlighten us more on the various schools and that really assisted so many people to realize where they are going and what they want to do after high school.
So far the school is what I wished for and even more. Academically, Socially and sport wise, what more could I ask for? I really want to thank all those who contributed their time and effort towards assisting the International students. Its getting far better and am expecting the best, which is yet to come.
By Oluwafunmito Sholola