What a Great Year!

I’m Rici and I’m from Germany.

I’m so happy that I had the chance to come to Fort St. John! I met so many new people and I made so many new friends. Fort St. John is like my second home now. I had the chance to travel lots due to soccer and it was awesome! I went to Vancouver, Grande Prairie and I even had the chance to go to Costa Rica. I didn’t only make friends in Fort St. John, I also have friends in Costa Rica and in Grande Prairie now (due soccer). Everyone is very nice and welcomes you directly. It is like everyone says, “Canadians are very polite and try to make your life -far from home- a little bit better.”

Fort St. John might be a very small town but everyone cares about you and makes you feel welcome. The school district has some trips and activities planned that you can participate in (if you want to). You can, for example, go camping at a lake or go on a ski trip and much more. You become friends with other international students while you’re there and you can have a great time together. These trips are (especially at the beginning) very helpful to get to know a few people and become friends so that you can experience your exchange year together!!! You become friends with other international students and you have a great time together.

I love that I was able to come here and I am going to miss everyone so much even, Mr.Campbell! I hope that I will see everyone again and that some people come and visit me back in Germany. I would definitely come back for another year!!!